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Trainer Biographies

Sonya Littledeer-Evans (pictured with husband and best friend, Mark Evans)

Mrs. Littledeer-Evans has over 20 years of experience in assessing training needs, design and development of training and delivering and executing training for diverse groups. Mrs. Littledeer-Evans earned her Masters of Public Administration Degree through PSU in 2008. Mrs. Littledeer-Evans completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Oregon in Political Science with a Minor in Spanish, studying 5 months at the Universidad de Oviedo, Spain. Out of college, Mrs. Littledeer-Evans began her internship with a local Juvenile Department working with juveniles in the detention facility. Mrs. Littledeer-Evans then went on to work as a Juvenile Probation Officer and then as a Supervisor in a Juvenile Department for 13 years. Since 1999, Mrs. Littledeer-Evans has been speaking around the nation to juvenile justice professionals. As a juvenile, Mrs. Littledeer-Evans was involved in the child welfare system and went through the juvenile justice system from beginning to end. Drawing from her own experiences of poverty, discrimination, substance abuse and neglect, Mrs. Littledeer-Evans has been developing motivational speeches and talks since a young age and delivering her message to diverse groups of professionals based on their need. In 2003, through a sponsorship by the State of Oregon Partners for Children & Families, Clackamas County Commission on Children & Families and the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission Mrs. Littledeer-Evans was certified as a Cultural Competency Trainer and serves on the cadre of Cultural Competency Trainers in Oregon. Since going through this process, Mrs. Littledeer-Evans became a highly requested trainer to serve on boards, planning committees, coalitions and to develop training for specific needs in the areas of Juvenile Justice, Health Equity, Disproportionate Minority Contact, Equity in Schools, Child Welfare and Diversity and Cultural Competency Training for government organizations, private agencies and non-profit agencies. In 2008 Mrs. Littledeer-Evans was selected to the Training Faculty for the Oregon Juvenile Department Director’s Association (OJDDA). The OJDDA Training Faculty is responsible for provided Training for juvenile justice professionals. Since 2008 Mrs. Littledeer-Evans has delivered trainings across Oregon to juvenile justice professionals. Topics covered include Cross Cultural Communication and Awareness, Understanding Privilege, and Cross Cultural Conflict as related to the Juvenile Justice System. Mrs. Littledeer-Evans also trains in the Juvenile Justice field on Disproportionate Minority Contact, Gender Responsive services and working with high risk youth. Mrs. Littledeer-Evans has worked in the juvenile justice field in Oregon for over 19 years and is recognized as a leader in this capacity. In 2012 Littledeer-Evans Consulting was placed on the Oregon Health Authority, Office of Equity and Inclusion's qualified trainer registry for Equity, Inclusion and Diversity trainers.

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